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Journey Pediatric Therapy is a clinic and in-home based occupational therapy company. Our experienced therapists are dedicated to helping your child develop routines and solutions that work for your child and your family.

Community Involvement

Journey Pediatric Therapy is committed to bettering the lives of members of our community to foster healthy, happy children. Below are ways that we are achieving this mission...

Community Partnerships

Journey Pediatric Therapy is proud to support non-profit organizations in our community that strive to improve the lives of the infants, children, and teens of north Idaho.

Continuing Education

Journey Pediatric Therapy provides free continuing education courses to parents and caregivers in our community. Contact us today to set up a training course!

We also provide continuing education courses to professionals such as teachers, counselors, therapists, OT/PT/SLP, massage therapists, and other healthcare professionals on a variety of topics. These courses are eligible for continuing education credit for professionals and are priced based off the number of continuing education credits the professionals receive by taking the course. Journey Pediatric Therapy offers the following continuing education courses. We orient our courses to the specialty of those taking the course to increase the application of the content provided. Please contact us to schedule a continuing education course or to learn more.

  • Introduction to Sensory Processing

  • Everyday Sensory Processing Tools

  • Sensory Processing in the Classroom

  • Improving Emotional Regulation

  • Fostering Children Who Want to Help Around the House

  • Changing the Tune; Other Outlets than Bullying

  • Empowerment of Children

  • Sensory Processing and Trauma

Occupational Therapy & Occupational Therapy Assistant Students

Journey Pediatric Therapy believes in teaching and inspiring others to get into the field of pediatric occupational therapy therapy. This is why we support occupational therapy students and occupational therapy assistant students who will impact the lives of many throughout their future career. Journey Pediatric Therapy welcomes students to join our team during their fieldwork level II, which is the final schooling step in becoming a fully fledged occupational therapist (OT) or occupational therapy assistant (OTA).

If you are an OT or an OTA student and are interested in doing your fieldwork level II with us or if you are a Fieldwork Coordinator for a college or university, please contact us to inquire about our student placement availability.


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We, at Journey Pediatric Therapy, would love to work with your family. We can walk you through the process of how to get occupational therapy services for your child and discuss solutions that will fit your family best.

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